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Life Insurance is the only insurance that provides for your family in the event that you are no longer here to provide for them yourself!

Things such as the education of your children, monthly mortgage payments, and just day to day living expenses continue long after the death of a parent or spouse.

Most people are surprised when they find out that life insurance is normally very inexpensive.

We represent many highly-rated life insurance companies, and our agency principal, Ed Arbuthnot , holds the CLU ( Chartered Life Underwriter) designation.

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Types of Life Insurance

Term Life: Offers a lower premium than permanent insurance, is subject to rate increases during the insureds life, and builds no cash value. Great for temporary needs such as mortgage protection.

Universal Life: Offers  coverage with premiums that can be guaranteed level for life. Costs more than term life, and does have a cash value accumulation. Usually pays a rate of interest that is based on current market rates, maybe also in a variable product.

Whole Life: Provides guaranteed premiums, and guaranteed death benefit.
Normally used for lower amounts of coverage.